Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bonn Lily Mini Hat tutorial


You will need: 
*Some sort of clip (I used a special type of bobby pin I bought at Hobby Lobby)
*A sewing machine (optional) 
*Glue gun
*Fluffy pillow stuffing 

So, to bigin this FUN project, you will need to follow this tutorial here, but stop when you get to this photo

Now your ready to start! 
 You will need to make three sizes, one big and fat, one long and one small. You can always just mix and mach the sizes. 

Fill will pillow stuffing and turn in the corners and sew all the way around, as if your making a yo-yo.

Pull and tie a not.

Moving on to the small one ( I didn’t add any stuffing to it), sew strait across. Make sure your doing this by hand, other wise it will make it hard to ruffle.

Ruffle the little “leaf” and attach this to your “strawberry."

Repeat the same step before, and finnish off your last strawberry. 

Last but not least, hot glue the bigger circle to the back, and then attach the bobby pin to that.

Fun or what?! These things take like 5 minutes to make! If you make one, send me a photo!!!
Check out the giveaway, it ends soon! 

P.S. This truly doesn’t resemble a hat, but I liked the name :)



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