Sunday, July 31, 2011

One word: Tapioca.

I have a new love. It’s name is Tapioca :) 
I made it this afternoon and am eating it hot right now! 

How’s your Sunday so far? Don’t forget to check out CREATING SMILES WEEK! (Just scroll down one post...) 


Monday, July 25, 2011

Creating Smiles Week

Let me share with you the latest and greatest- Creating Smiles Week!
So, you probably have noticed my change in header and blog buttons and if it’s gotten your attention, GOOD! Well, creating smiles week is where a few bloggers come together and guest post about their chosen organization or about how you can help others! It is going to be megga fun, filled with prizes and donations to YOUR chosen organizations! Only thing is that you have to promise me that between the 7th and 13th of August, you will help someone else and make them smile. It’s really simple, but are you willing? Well, our guest posters are going to show you some organization that you can consider to donate to! There will be some tutorials and more!

If you would like to help out (help is GLADLY appreciated!),  grab the button that says, I am a supporter of Creating Smiles Week! If you can, make a shout out to your blogging friends and email me with the post address so I can check it out! Any help will be appreciated! Let’s see what we can do... :)
(Ok, I found this on pinterest and I thought it was funny :)

*Amen to that*

Check back tomorrow, hopefully I’ll have a tutorial up on porcelain painting!
-Hugs! Hannah

Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Etsy shop!

Hey awesome people! I have had an etsy shop since I started this blog in February, but I never really kept up with it until now! I want to share with you some of by latest and greatest products! (Let me know what you think...)

See it here. $13.00

See it here. $14.50

See it here. $25.00

See it here. $6.99

What do ya think? I’m getting better at it... or at least I think I am. BUT! I would like to give you a 10% OFF! Use the code made4u10off to receive the discount off ANYTHING!

Continue having a wonderful week because tomorrow is Friday and you just have to love Friday. I mean, who doesn’t?! It’s that feeling of excitement that the next day after that is Saturday! And then Sunday! And them BAM, Monday. Oh good o’l Monday. That day that comes to slap every one in the face and say, "HA! Get back to work!” Meh. Well, enjoy your weekend! Also, might I mention I have a French Manicure coming up very soon....!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Porcelaine Painting

Here has been my project of the day! FOLLOW ON FACEBOOK!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Happy Sunday!

Hello my dear fellow bloggers! Trying to think of something fun and amusing to post about, but I’ll just share a bit of my sunday with you...

Having fun painting little trinkets we got yesterday

Painted these for dad to take to work, along with the new espresso machine

Fresh blueberries from the neighbors yard (nom nom nom!)

Beautiful hand dyed ribbons and a ball of yarn I got and the local antique market

Oh ya, and those vintage patterns I got for a dollar (for two!)

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ALSO! If you are a crafting blogger, email me ( if you would like to guest post for a special week coming up all about helping others and creating smiles! Would love to chat!

Have a wonderful weekend :)
-Hannah Banana

Monday, July 11, 2011

Lets talk about TOMS

Ok, you probably have heard about TOMS in some point or even bought a pair. I just bought my first pair yesterday! Here’s a photo:

TOMS has this deal where every pair you buy they donate a pair of TOMS to a child in a third world country. Lately I have encountered a few hand painted TOMS so I searched a few up on google and

(Via here)

(Via here)

(Via here)

It’s amazing what people can paint on toms!

Friday, July 8, 2011

This is for you.

You may have noticed, but I usually post more pictures in my posts than words. I hate writing. To me, it takes to long to put out all my thoughts in words than if I just use some pictures. I am forcing my self to write just for this post. :)

I am so thankful to all of the sweet, encouraging comments that so many of you posted on my Birdcage Veil Tutorial! When I first published it, I had a great doubt, because I have seen so many of these veils, all that seemed to turn out some much fancier then mine! I just wanted to say thanks for the comments. Yes, I have a small blog, only viewed by a few people, but you (if your a blogger,) probably feel like you have something so big to offer the world and you just want to show it to people! I just finished reading a book, and an artist had mentioned that “it is old fashioned hard work that builds a career.” Also, “we learn from the school of trial and error,” and “there’s more to life than making a living.” 

This book, Crafting a Business by Kathie Fitzgerald, suggested before you create your business, you should make a business plan. Wish me luck :)

I encourage you to keep working on your blog, to comment on other blogs! Let them know how their doing, don’t just stop by to advertise yours, but instead, reach out and lend a hand. (I know this is something I surely need to work on!) 

BUT, I have one last pointer/question....
What fuels your creativity? 
What hurts it?

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Ok, So yes, I did just say amazing twice :) But hey, I think you get the point! So lets enjoy tomorrow, being thankful for what we have, our country (no matter where you are), and the freedom we have.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Birdcage Veil Tutorial

Birdcage Veil Tutorial
To make this, you will need:
-Netting (I got mine in San Fran, and sadly I haven’t seen it at Hobby Lobby or JoAnns yet)
-A hair clip/ wire comb (a sturdy one)
-A rosette with decorative beads/pearls in the middle
-Glue gun
-Scrap felt
(Photo via here)

I used this little outline to cut my piece. I just eyeballed it, but I believe it was 1/2 yard.

Sewn up, this is what it looks like.

Sew on the felt. I shaped it to a heart, but when all was said and done, it looked more like a disfigured hot dog...

My little trinkets laid out..

(All sewn on the heart and ready to go!)

Now, hot glue the feathers on first and THEN your flower! On the backside, to make it look all nice, use white felt/ fabric and cut a little slit for the clip to fit through, then hot glue that to the back. It didn’t turn out like I thought it would, but I like it :)