Sunday, December 18, 2011

Ginger Bread House

On Under the Sycamore, the author said that she hot glued her ginger bread house together, and that is exactly what we did. We used this little kit which included a tricky-sticky icing pack. It was everywhere. In the end, we made it quite cute :)
Cousins from Norway are visiting and so this is our fab ginger bread house! 

Good ‘ol cotton snow...

Note the ginger bread man’s arm fell off.. We had to hot glue that together, including the christmas tree. Gotta love hot glue.

Christmas on Pinterest

Meet my Christmas board: 

More photos and the links to all of these photos are found HERE.

You have any Christmas boards? Put a link below and I’ll check it out! 

Friday, November 11, 2011

Death By Geometry

Check out this video I made with a friend yesterday, kinda as a joke towards our geometry teacher. She always tells us to take a photo if we cry during math, then send it to her, so why not make a movie instead?

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Christmas Ornaments #1 cont.

I’ve also been working on my henna...

Sorry the photos are not all focused, been having “technical difficulties” with my camera lately. :)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Christmas Ornaments #1

I have been hooked on this bog called Retro Mama. She has a tutorial for these christmas ornaments that are little houses.

WARNING: They are so much fun to make. Beware you may make 10.

Ok, so her’s a photo of her’s:

You can find the tutorial here.

Here’s is mine! 

This is the first christmas ornament I have made all this year! I’m calling this Christmas ornament #1, and the next one #2, etc.

Even though we’re not even to Thanksgiving yet, I can still plan right? :) 

Monday, October 24, 2011

The latest...

Ok, update! This is what I have been making lately: 

(Just a little update from my busy sophomore life!)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Funny :)

So last night I went to the library where they were hosting a workshop on Henna and this is what I came home with...

And well, this morning it looked like this...

But anywho, it’s super dark now! 
But, on to the funny photos I have found lately :)

Well, you get my point :) 

Happy week! What are you planing to be for Halloween? I’m thinking of Marie Antoinette...

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Age: 15

Breakfast: Pumpkin pancakes or cereal

Color: Turquoise,lemon yellow, white, red

Dessert: Baclava :) YUMMMMMIE! And also homemade lemon sherbet

Essential Clothing Item: Hair clip/bow

Food: Um. Thanksgiving type of food?

Gold or Silver: Silver

Height: 5’6 or 7"

Ice Cream Flavor: Cookie Dough all the way. Got to love the taste of salmonella.

Job: Own my own little business by selling handmade goodies

Knick-Knack: My film camera and sparkles

Least Favorite Chore: Cleaning my closet. Mom just doesn’t understand that it’s ok that my clothes are balled up and wrinkled, just as long as I can’t see it :)

Movie: Raining Meatballs and Cars 2

Name: Hannah Banana

Overnight Hospital Stay: Is this a question?

Pop: You mean soda? Oh ya. Coca-Cola all the way!


"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."
- Dr. Seuss

Righty or Lefty: Righty

Siblings: One sister and one brother, I dominate both, AKA, they’re younger.

Time you wake up: Around 6:30 AM. Not a morning person but yet somehow I do it...

Under your bed: Dust. Lost of dust bunnies. 

Veggie you like: Oooo, hard one... potatoes

Why do you run late?: Who said I run late? In fact, I like being fashionably on time!

X-Rays: Only been shot with radioactivity a few times.

Yummy food I make: Macaroons! (Took me a while to learn, but I can do it!!!!)

Zoo Animal: BABOON!

-Copy and paste, what would you put as your answers?

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Did someone mention new CAMERA?!

Yes! I did. Well, Urban Outfiters did but then I was like, “Woah!” and somehow spent 60 bucks.

Uh- ya. So I don’t really know how it works since it is film and none of it has been developed yet, but when I do, I will most defiantly post some ‘scans’ of my photographs. I don’t know how swimmingly well they will come out. For all I know, the photos are the type of blurry where it gives people four eyes and two noses. That would be awesome though. :)

Oh and I’m really into painting cameras lately! I found a print that used as an outline/inspiration from etsy. Your welcome to copy this camera shape/patter/etc! This painting is made with acrylics and is a few months old.

Also, this is my sewing table from two weeks ago :) I was working on a patchwork quilt skirt for someone and I’ll post photos soon.

Also, this is a photo of my pom pom balls that I made (new ones!) and they are rainbow colored. It’s hanging above my sewing machine. 

And that is rest of my update! :) Like Hannah Handmade on Facebook? Please and thank you!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The French Pedicure Tutorial

Ok Ladies. I hate having untrimmed and unkept toes that just look drab and so I picked up the ‘scotch-tape french manicure method,’ which is super amazing, and requires little talent! So here it is!

Put tape over the tip of your toe... this may take a few tries!

Paint over the tape then carefully take the tape off. Be careful to keep the tape away from cotton balls and don’t lay the tap roll on the carpet. The last thing you want it fuzz getting in your way when you paint.

Dip the paint brush in the remover and use this to clean up the bottom. This may take MANY tries! This is a long process, but the outcome it worth it.

Then just go over with clear!
And vowala! Your french pedicure is DONE! Good luck, and if you need help, you can email me.

*Remember this takes a LONG time to get the perfect line. For me, some times it take 20- 50 minuts, depending on how much of a rush I am in. Keep working on it and you’ll get faster and better!

- Hannah

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Writing Challenge: Day 2

Day 2: Where you’d want to be in 10 years

Wellll, in 10 years...

  1. I want to be able to speak (almost) fluent Swedish
  2. Have a clothing/shoe line 
  3. Live/visit in New York (maybe just visit...)
  4. Get married and have a baby girl and name her Noa (LOVE THAT NAME!) but if it’s a boy, something European like Stefan or Hugo (Hugo Boss, hehe).
  5. Live in a pink castle (I have my connections)
  6. Learn how to make macaroons correctly and learn how to color them beautiful colors, not poop green.
  7. Learn how to use manual mode on my camera without like messing up every time. What does apiture mean again?
And well, that’s all I can think up right now... If you would like to check out these two bloggers who are doing the challenge with me, here are there links.

And you might notice how they are like on day 12 and I’m on day two and that is because I don’t like being pushed with my writting. And I have strep. Well, Good night ya’ll!

(Dont remember source...)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Writing Challenge: Day 1

Here’s the challenge. Wana do it with me? If so, email me and I’ll put your blog under this post!!!! 

Day 1- Your current relationship, if single discuss how the single life is.
Hahaa... Well, the single life is good! Bit lonely

but I think you have to go through that get somewhere and then when you meet someone you really like, it’s worth it!!! 

Anyways. I think Ill just finnish with photos because I think this is a weird subject to discuss online. So, here are some photos of LOVE. 

Found via here.

See you soon!