Thursday, September 22, 2011

The French Pedicure Tutorial

Ok Ladies. I hate having untrimmed and unkept toes that just look drab and so I picked up the ‘scotch-tape french manicure method,’ which is super amazing, and requires little talent! So here it is!

Put tape over the tip of your toe... this may take a few tries!

Paint over the tape then carefully take the tape off. Be careful to keep the tape away from cotton balls and don’t lay the tap roll on the carpet. The last thing you want it fuzz getting in your way when you paint.

Dip the paint brush in the remover and use this to clean up the bottom. This may take MANY tries! This is a long process, but the outcome it worth it.

Then just go over with clear!
And vowala! Your french pedicure is DONE! Good luck, and if you need help, you can email me.

*Remember this takes a LONG time to get the perfect line. For me, some times it take 20- 50 minuts, depending on how much of a rush I am in. Keep working on it and you’ll get faster and better!

- Hannah


  1. Love this idea! I LOVE LOVE LOVE french manicured toes! Perfect!

    xoxo, Mallory @ Classy Clutter

    PS Found you at Iheartnaptime

  2. such a cute idea! thanks for sharing, Hannah!

    have a lovely weekend!



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