Monday, June 20, 2011

Rest of the Photos

Muy bien? :)

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

California Baby!

Hello and long time no blog :/

I feel as if my blog is slipping out from under me; page views are dropping, i’m blogging less, and I find myself not having patience to write a blog post! Arg! Well, I hope to keep you entertained....

GOOD NEWS! I figured out how to use manual (partially) on our 7 hour car drive to San Francisco. Right now, we are landed out here in Cali, camping at these awesome people’s house.

Might I mention while I was in Portland (we passed through) I found a store that sold all of these fancy pieces of art. I ended up finding a bunch of felted rings and pins. The pins were really expensive, so I bought a ring. I would love to re-make it.... I bought the little sucker for $12! (The pins were $25...)

ALSO! My birthday is in 3 days! I’ll be a big wappin 15!!! EEKKK! :D

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Photos by FotoNovella

 Here’s a sneak peak...
YUMM! We will meet with Shannon, the photographer, tomorrow and she will show us the rest of the photos. If you are ever in the Washington area, HIRE her! She is amazing, friendly and over all creative!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Guest Post: Napkin Magnolias from i---Create

Ok, Now an amazing guest post from a good friend of mine at, Abby!!!
She is young like me and also blogs! She just made i---create, a creative blog about cooking, crafts, tutorials, and more! She is super outgoing and fun :)
Might I say that I traveled with her to China!

Don’t forget to follow her blog, she’s new to the blogging community! 

Thank you so much Hannah Handmade for letting me guest post on your blog.  I am inspired by your projects and take many ideas from them.  I <3 your blog!

This free tutorial is on how to make napkin magnolias.  

Let's get to it:

  •  2 colors of napkins (the sturdier kind)
  • scissors 
  • twist tie
  • time (about 15 minutes)

Step 1:
Unfold the smaller napkin and zig-zag fold it.  Then scallop the edges by cutting a semi-circle.

Then scallop the edges by cutting a semi-circle.

Step 2:
Lay out four white napkins ( you can use whatever color you want) and unfold them.  Unfold the yellow napkin and center it on top. 

Step 3:
Zig-Zag fold the napkins together (don't worry about the yellow one not matching up creases on the zig-zag folding). Then put a twist tie in the center so it looks like a fan.

Step 4:
Fluff the napkins until they are how you like them. You can make many more of these and hang them on the wall or use them as centerpieces at a party.  There are many options with these beautiful flowers. I have a question for you: How would you display these? (please leave you answer in the comments below)

Thanks again Hannah Handmade!

Thanks Abby! Great to have you as my first guest post :) 

Washington :)

HEY! Longtime no blog :/

but here’s the deal! I’m in washington at my cousins! Here are some photos to keep you up dated!

We have had some intense volleyball games...

“It’s so fluffy! I’m gong to die! IT’S SO FLUFFYYYY!!!” Yes, That just explains my thoughts for this photo.