Sunday, June 5, 2011

Washington :)

HEY! Longtime no blog :/

but here’s the deal! I’m in washington at my cousins! Here are some photos to keep you up dated!

We have had some intense volleyball games...

“It’s so fluffy! I’m gong to die! IT’S SO FLUFFYYYY!!!” Yes, That just explains my thoughts for this photo.


  1. Cute pics - especially the kitten!!

  2. I spy some Ronhaars and a couple of cute kitties! :) Next year you have to go to Parma... I'm missing you by like 2 days!

  3. Oh my goodness! Such fun (and cute!!!) pictures:D

  4. Aww, your photos are awesome! You're a really good photographer!

    And oh my goodness, that cat is like the cutest thing ever!!



  5. Awww the kitten is beautiful!! Lovely photos xx


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