Thursday, September 29, 2011

Did someone mention new CAMERA?!

Yes! I did. Well, Urban Outfiters did but then I was like, “Woah!” and somehow spent 60 bucks.

Uh- ya. So I don’t really know how it works since it is film and none of it has been developed yet, but when I do, I will most defiantly post some ‘scans’ of my photographs. I don’t know how swimmingly well they will come out. For all I know, the photos are the type of blurry where it gives people four eyes and two noses. That would be awesome though. :)

Oh and I’m really into painting cameras lately! I found a print that used as an outline/inspiration from etsy. Your welcome to copy this camera shape/patter/etc! This painting is made with acrylics and is a few months old.

Also, this is my sewing table from two weeks ago :) I was working on a patchwork quilt skirt for someone and I’ll post photos soon.

Also, this is a photo of my pom pom balls that I made (new ones!) and they are rainbow colored. It’s hanging above my sewing machine. 

And that is rest of my update! :) Like Hannah Handmade on Facebook? Please and thank you!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The French Pedicure Tutorial

Ok Ladies. I hate having untrimmed and unkept toes that just look drab and so I picked up the ‘scotch-tape french manicure method,’ which is super amazing, and requires little talent! So here it is!

Put tape over the tip of your toe... this may take a few tries!

Paint over the tape then carefully take the tape off. Be careful to keep the tape away from cotton balls and don’t lay the tap roll on the carpet. The last thing you want it fuzz getting in your way when you paint.

Dip the paint brush in the remover and use this to clean up the bottom. This may take MANY tries! This is a long process, but the outcome it worth it.

Then just go over with clear!
And vowala! Your french pedicure is DONE! Good luck, and if you need help, you can email me.

*Remember this takes a LONG time to get the perfect line. For me, some times it take 20- 50 minuts, depending on how much of a rush I am in. Keep working on it and you’ll get faster and better!

- Hannah

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Writing Challenge: Day 2

Day 2: Where you’d want to be in 10 years

Wellll, in 10 years...

  1. I want to be able to speak (almost) fluent Swedish
  2. Have a clothing/shoe line 
  3. Live/visit in New York (maybe just visit...)
  4. Get married and have a baby girl and name her Noa (LOVE THAT NAME!) but if it’s a boy, something European like Stefan or Hugo (Hugo Boss, hehe).
  5. Live in a pink castle (I have my connections)
  6. Learn how to make macaroons correctly and learn how to color them beautiful colors, not poop green.
  7. Learn how to use manual mode on my camera without like messing up every time. What does apiture mean again?
And well, that’s all I can think up right now... If you would like to check out these two bloggers who are doing the challenge with me, here are there links.

And you might notice how they are like on day 12 and I’m on day two and that is because I don’t like being pushed with my writting. And I have strep. Well, Good night ya’ll!

(Dont remember source...)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Writing Challenge: Day 1

Here’s the challenge. Wana do it with me? If so, email me and I’ll put your blog under this post!!!! 

Day 1- Your current relationship, if single discuss how the single life is.
Hahaa... Well, the single life is good! Bit lonely

but I think you have to go through that get somewhere and then when you meet someone you really like, it’s worth it!!! 

Anyways. I think Ill just finnish with photos because I think this is a weird subject to discuss online. So, here are some photos of LOVE. 

Found via here.

See you soon!

Friday, September 2, 2011


let me be on top of a roof, me and my little dress and my ship shaped shoes so i can look upon the  city and think and be light hearted
flowing freely is the best feeling, especially when you know nothing’s in your way
├╝ber bliss and content on sunday is what holds me together thought the week
“don’t pop by bubble, just let me be.”
wouldn’t you like to be able to feel as light? 
weightless, and to have the ability to fly?
it’s that moments where happiness can’t be contained that i cherish the most
glitter + bling bling= something magical
isn’t this so true?
my thoughts will be improved so that everything i look at, can be a diamond in my eyes, not a stone.
my thoughts are composed of the pictures i find that inspire me. 
people can inspire one another so easily. why is it so hard to put in a good effort though? into everything we do even?
....ok.... i can.... and i will.... can you?
It’s kinda fun to share my thoughts on life. I guess I think my blog is supposed to be a people pleaser. Then I thought, why blog then? “Because I want to be known.” But when you grow old, it wont matter. When I die, being known can’t help me. 

Have a wonderful weekend out there, to those who have stumbled across my crafting diary :)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Winners of the HUGE giveaway!

HELLO! Ok, so I was a little bummed how little views I could get on the huge giveaway :( It’s tough advertising, and I feel like the giveaway must come to and end at some point! Well, I want to give a special thanks to the giveaway donors, Suthegem, Hot Chick Physics, Hushed Commotion, Bees Knees Design Shop, One Penny Sparrow, Hipdaisy, One Barefoot Gypsy, Iralamija Shop, BelleBands, and Daydreaming Gifts. Thank you guys SO MUCH! I was grateful to work with you and hope we can work together again!

Now... drum roll please! OVER ALL... there were exactly 40 comments, which means, we rose $20!!!! I had fun with this and I think we’ll do it again and next time, lets goal it to $40? :) WE CAN DO IT!

Now, using to calculate the winners,
The winner of Suthegems purple and pink hair extensions and choice of charity goes to... 
#36, Staci, who said

The other winner of Suthegems hair extension giveaway is...
#31, Kat F.

The winner of the macaroon ring is...
#17, Abby

The winner of the Hushed Commotion hair pin is...
#11, Tamiv

The winner of silhouette is...
#24, Meig Heyburn

The winner of the gnome is...
#29, SmallGood

The winner of the $30 toward a dress is...
#39, Becca (cookieandclaire)

The winner of the beautiful vintage earrings is...
#15, Alyssa-Live-love-craft

The winner of some digital images is...
#7, To Sew with love

The winner of the BelleBand gift certificate is...
#1, Nay

The winner of daydreaming gifts is...
#31, Mary-Sweet water style

I am emailing everyone shortly!
-Thanks again guys!!!