Thursday, September 1, 2011

Winners of the HUGE giveaway!

HELLO! Ok, so I was a little bummed how little views I could get on the huge giveaway :( It’s tough advertising, and I feel like the giveaway must come to and end at some point! Well, I want to give a special thanks to the giveaway donors, Suthegem, Hot Chick Physics, Hushed Commotion, Bees Knees Design Shop, One Penny Sparrow, Hipdaisy, One Barefoot Gypsy, Iralamija Shop, BelleBands, and Daydreaming Gifts. Thank you guys SO MUCH! I was grateful to work with you and hope we can work together again!

Now... drum roll please! OVER ALL... there were exactly 40 comments, which means, we rose $20!!!! I had fun with this and I think we’ll do it again and next time, lets goal it to $40? :) WE CAN DO IT!

Now, using to calculate the winners,
The winner of Suthegems purple and pink hair extensions and choice of charity goes to... 
#36, Staci, who said

The other winner of Suthegems hair extension giveaway is...
#31, Kat F.

The winner of the macaroon ring is...
#17, Abby

The winner of the Hushed Commotion hair pin is...
#11, Tamiv

The winner of silhouette is...
#24, Meig Heyburn

The winner of the gnome is...
#29, SmallGood

The winner of the $30 toward a dress is...
#39, Becca (cookieandclaire)

The winner of the beautiful vintage earrings is...
#15, Alyssa-Live-love-craft

The winner of some digital images is...
#7, To Sew with love

The winner of the BelleBand gift certificate is...
#1, Nay

The winner of daydreaming gifts is...
#31, Mary-Sweet water style

I am emailing everyone shortly!
-Thanks again guys!!!


  1. yay! so excited we won! thanks for the opportunity, Hannah! xoxo

  2. Thanks So Much!

    Tami Vollenweider

  3. I am thrilled to win anything...but how do I email the person...feeling kind of stupid and need your help!

  4. Oh, Hannah! Terrific job on raising that much. I think you did a tremendous job organizing this all. And I think it's a great idea to raise the goal to $40 next time. We can do it! And I am over the moon about that little gnome. Truly, thank you.

  5. Yay!!! Thanks so much Hannah, I'm so excited!!!

  6. Mary!!It's Daydreaming Gifts :P My email is

  7. Whoa! I won! Just now saw this! Sweet! Thank you!


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