Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Etsy shop!

Hey awesome people! I have had an etsy shop since I started this blog in February, but I never really kept up with it until now! I want to share with you some of by latest and greatest products! (Let me know what you think...)

See it here. $13.00

See it here. $14.50

See it here. $25.00

See it here. $6.99

What do ya think? I’m getting better at it... or at least I think I am. BUT! I would like to give you a 10% OFF! Use the code made4u10off to receive the discount off ANYTHING!

Continue having a wonderful week because tomorrow is Friday and you just have to love Friday. I mean, who doesn’t?! It’s that feeling of excitement that the next day after that is Saturday! And then Sunday! And them BAM, Monday. Oh good o’l Monday. That day that comes to slap every one in the face and say, "HA! Get back to work!” Meh. Well, enjoy your weekend! Also, might I mention I have a French Manicure coming up very soon....!

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  1. Hi Hannah, Catie from Catie's Corner following you back! : ) I'm amazed you're only 15! Your work is fantastic and very impressive. I love that little caterpillar. Too cute! That's great you have an etsy shop. If you're interested in some FREE advertising check this link out.

    I just posted this yesterday. Have a read, maybe it's something you'd be interested in doing. Hope you have a great weekend. : ) ~ Catie


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