Friday, July 8, 2011

This is for you.

You may have noticed, but I usually post more pictures in my posts than words. I hate writing. To me, it takes to long to put out all my thoughts in words than if I just use some pictures. I am forcing my self to write just for this post. :)

I am so thankful to all of the sweet, encouraging comments that so many of you posted on my Birdcage Veil Tutorial! When I first published it, I had a great doubt, because I have seen so many of these veils, all that seemed to turn out some much fancier then mine! I just wanted to say thanks for the comments. Yes, I have a small blog, only viewed by a few people, but you (if your a blogger,) probably feel like you have something so big to offer the world and you just want to show it to people! I just finished reading a book, and an artist had mentioned that “it is old fashioned hard work that builds a career.” Also, “we learn from the school of trial and error,” and “there’s more to life than making a living.” 

This book, Crafting a Business by Kathie Fitzgerald, suggested before you create your business, you should make a business plan. Wish me luck :)

I encourage you to keep working on your blog, to comment on other blogs! Let them know how their doing, don’t just stop by to advertise yours, but instead, reach out and lend a hand. (I know this is something I surely need to work on!) 

BUT, I have one last pointer/question....
What fuels your creativity? 
What hurts it?


  1. Thanks for the inspiration girlie! I totally appreciate it & agree about stopping over & commenting/supporting other blogs. :o)

    Looking forward to your giveaway!!


  2. For someone who hates writing, you sure do it well. :) I appreciated the last paragraph; well put! Your blog is fantastic: words, pictures, and all. Thanks for sharing & encouraging!

  3. Hannah, thank you for stopping by over on my blog! I think it's truly amazing that, especially for your age, you are taking your passion and talent into your hands (pun intended) and doing something about it! Believe in yourself and dream big, and remember you have to GO for those dreams for them to become your life! I look forward to seeing more of your work/tutorials. I loved the birdcage veil; it was beautiful!


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