Sunday, August 14, 2011

H U G E Giveaway to you and to a Charity!

Ok guys! Lets begin Creating Smiles week with a fun giveaway! Ok, this kind of giveaway will go to YOUR choice of charity! 

This is how it works...
For every entry below, I will donate 50 cents to the chosen charity of the winner. Here are the different ways to enter (one comment for each)!
MANDATORY: Follow this blog and leave a comment about your fave charity! 
Now, that’s not all! 

 Suthegem (one of my all time fave etsy stores,) sells feather hair extensions. She is giving away this feather extention and the one below to 2 lucky winners!!! They come with micro tubes so you can put them in your self. In fact, I am wearing some from her shop in my hair right now!!!


Hot Chick Physics is giving away this French Macaroon Ring

Hushed Commotion is giving away this Ella small Wedding pin
which can go in your hair or on your dress

Bee’s Knee’s is giving away a sellout drawling based on someones photo
 ($30 dollar value!)
(You can also see their blog here and their Facebook page here)

One Penny Sparrow is giving away this adorable handmade gnome

Hipdasiy is giving away a $30 credit value toward a dress of your choice

One Barefoot Gypsy is giving away these BEAUTIFUL earrings!
(Make sure to check out her store, she sells some of the most creative, vintage pieces and YOU could be her first buyer!)

Iralamija Shop is giving away these vintage Digital images which you can download and cut out or use on a digital scrapbook! Check out her FB page here

BelleBands is giving away a $10.00 gift certificate to a lucky winner! She sells some of the cutest bracelets like this one!

Daydreaming Gifts is giving away these three custom burp cloths for a baby girl!

Something else!
Jolieberry is giving 20% off by using the coupon SMILE20 at checkout to Hannah Handmade readers!

Colorsss is giving 15% off by using the code SMILESWEEK
(These earrings are only $11, go buy them now!)

Visit La Plume Brisee here

Extra ways to enter...
1.Go like all of the GIVEAWAY vendors (not those giving a percentage off) through their blog, etsy account, or Facebook page and leave a comment for every three that you follow, include the link to your charity 

2.Follow me on Facebook, comment and leave the link of your chosen charity

3. Follow the other guest posters on their blogs and come back and leave ONE comment, don’t forget to leave the link to your charity! 

4. Blog (or facbook about it, make sure to leave a link in the comment) about THIS GIVEAWAY and mention your chosen charity. Leave a comment below with your chosen charity.

Ok, so that is about 8 different ways to enter to win and donate all of the money raised to your chosen charity!

PLEASE NOTE: Each item will go to a different comment, you may not be chosen twice because we want to give everyone a chance to win. If the shipping is over $6 you will be asked to pay for it.

Here are some recommended charities:
The Larisa Hertz Burn Fund (one of my teen friends in Kansas who got in a car crash and was burned servilely; blogged about this previously)

(I almost started to cry when I read their story. These three kids and their parents were in a head on car crash. The parents tragically died leaving behind their three kids. The two boys had spinal injuries leaving them paralyzed waist down. Please read their story...) 


  1. i am a follower! my choice would be the american cancer society. thank you!

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  4. i liked you on facebook

  5. i blogged about it here

    American Cancer Society (

  6. I followed everybody either on Facebook, Etsy or both. ^^)

  7. we follow you, yay!

    would love to donate to the red cross.

  8. Posted on facebook

    and blogged about it

  9. My choice of charity would be the rally foundation, and I liked all of them! I am a follower (: -Taylor-

  10. I Follow Your Etsy Shop by RSS Feed! My Charity would be Dreams Come True!

  11. I liked You on Facebook(Tami Vollenweider)

  12. I added to My Favorites:
    Hot Chicks Physics
    Hushed Commotion One Penny Sparrows

  13. I added to My Favorites:
    One barefoot Gypsy
    Belle bands

  14. I added to My Favorites:
    Daydreaming Gifts
    I liked on Facebook(Tami Vollenweider)
    Bee's Knees
    Iralamija Shop

  15. I follow you! I's choose any charity really...

  16. I shared on Facebook:

  17. i liked you on facebook.

    The Larissa Hertz Burn fund is my favorite charity.

  18. I added one barefoot Gypsy to my favorite shop on etsy.

    The larissa Hertz Burn fund is my favorite charity.

  19. I like irlajama.

    The Larissa Hertz Bur fund is my favorite charity.

  20. my favorite charity is Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep.

  21. Hey Hannah! Could you tell me how you have people pay your for advertsing? I have a few people interested... but I'm not sure how they get their money to me. :) Thank you Hannah!

    I like the Larissa Hertz Fund charity!

  22. I've liked your FB page.

  23. My favorite charity is charity: water.

    They give clean water to those without access.

  24. I've added suthegem, hot chick physics, and hushed commotion to my favorite on Etsy.

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  26. I've added one barefoot gypsy, iralamija shop, belle bands, and daydreaming gifts to my favorites on Etsy.

  27. I blogged about this awesome giveaway over at Global Odyssey:

  28. I've added bee's knees, one penny sparrow, and hipdaisy to my favorites on Etsy.

  29. What a terrific idea! One I can get behind whole-heartedly. I like charities for literacy, so I'd pick First Book (

  30. Onepennysparrow is now one of my favorites on etsy.

  31. I'm a new follower via GFC. My favorite charity is the Juvenile Diabetes Assoc. My son was diagnosed with TYpe I Diabetes when he was 11 years old, he is now 27.
    Thanks for the awesome way to do a giveaway.

    fastkat at gmail dot com

  32. I followed thru twitter :)

    My favorite charity is which I run. If I cant use that, i'd say the Crisis Pregnancy Center!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and letting me know about the giveaway.

  33. My favorite charity is Ronald McDonald House. I am now following you :) Thanks for commenting on my blog. BTW we had a feather fascinator party and went crazy with the My cats thought so too! Take a look at the wedding photos on my latest post....the groom's boutenierre (Spelling isn't my best) It matched the brides!
    Thanks for doing this nice of you!

  34. Autism speaks is dear to my heart. This is such a thoughtful giveaway! Thanks for stopping by and following Just Sew Sassy! I'm your newest follower:)

  35. I've also "like" Hushed commotion, Hipdaisy, and Barefoot Gypsy on facebook:)

  36. I'm also a facebook fan of hannah handmade!

  37. I'm a follower now! Habitat for Humanity is one of my favorite charities!

  38. Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying such nice things!! Your charities all seem so deserving, it is hard to pick just one.

  39. HI! Becca Here new follower!
    I love that ring and the dress and the gnome!
    My charity is Hope for Carson - living with Lyme's Disease

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