Friday, August 12, 2011

Creating Smiles Day (skipped 5) 6: Pink Pistachio

Hi I'm Missy, author of Pink Pistachio (a little blog about making life a plethora of cuteness). Please to meetcha new friendlies! xo 

 When Hannah asked me to help contribute to Creating Smiles Week I may or may not have done a toe touch! C'mon now... what's better than smiles? Maybe smiles AND ice-cream sundaes. But still. Smiles are right up there at the top of my list! When contemplating what I'd share with you all, I immediately reflected upon a post I wrote about Strangers and how we treat them. I think it touches home about how a simple smile can make a world of difference.  
But then my thoughts shifted to something all but smiles, loss. The greatest lost a family can experience, the loss of their parents. And not only that, the injuries the children sustained will be life altering.

 You may or may not have heard about the Berry Family. Reading their story puts life back into perspective in an instant. Can you imagine? One minute everyone is laughing & carrying on as a family & the next everything is horrifically changed forever. Life is so short, my friends. Take time to tell loved ones how much you love them. Let go of resentment. Nothing is unforgivable. If they or you were gone would holding on to heartache matter? Forgive & replace hurt for healing. I encourage each of you to learn more about the Berry Family, share their story, donate if you feel lead, and most importantly - pray for them. Smiles can come through grief. And we can help. This is the amazing thing about the world of blogging & technology. Our world shrinks by one click of a mouse! Hannah is doing a great work and I commend her on her ambitious pure heart that desires to make the World a happier place! 

 "If you only knew what the future holds After a hurricane, comes a rainbow." - Fireworks by Katy Perry Smiles, Missy


LET ME MENTION THAT THERE WILL BE A HUGE GIVEAWAY ON SUNDAY, CONSISTING OF 10+ VENDORS! It is going to be FAB-U! Ok ladies, so go comment on the Creating Smiles Guest Post and show some love for the fellow bloggers! :)



  1. I love Missy and her blog!! :D Great guest post! So excited for your giveaway!

  2. Hey Hannah! Would you like to do a guest post on my blog someday? I'd love to have you!

  3. Hi Hannah! I wanted to let you know I have awarded your blog with the "Versatile Blog Award"!! Check out my current post for more info!! have a great day!


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