Monday, April 4, 2011

Day 2

YES. I am a horrible blogger! I can't stand having to blog on particularly things :/ WELLL! Here is (late) day 2.... :)

Began the day with a wonderful meal in the hotel (the hotel in Beijing was the best, all of the others had really hard beds). 
 The food was amazing! It was very european. See that fruit thing with the black seeds?  It's dragon fruit and it was awesome! I think it could very possibly be related to kiwi...
My second plate of food... (green tea muffin, some bread thing, bacon, tomato, dumpling)

Grandma had a chinese pancake- it was interesting, but bisquick beats it by a million points.

They had macaroons EVERYWHERE for decor! It was SO COOL! And they were all awesomely colored. 
This is what the whole buffet looked like. 

 Abby, Lexi, Evan, and Ana in our tourbus getting ready to hit the great wall of china.

 The vendors along side the road trying to sell us stuff.

And tada! It was really cold and windy...

but we had fun anyways!

(After the great wall, we went to these little bike rides, those were really cool, we got to see the culture better.)

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