Thursday, May 26, 2011

And the winner is...

SWELL MADE! I am happy to say that I read her blog too! Congratulations  Swell Made on your win, I will be emailing you soon :) In the mean time, stay posted, I’ll be writing another post here soon with another giveaway and also, we will have a guest post from I---Create!

HAve a wonderful rest of the week!

(also, might I mention that tomorrow we will be headed to Washington. Excited? Why yes, very much! Can’t wait to hopefully get my photos taken by FotoNovella!)

(Isn’t she amazing?!)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Giveaway? Yes please!

I know you want it, and YOU know you want it! So here it is:

La Tablier de Ciderella by Madebyhannahshands on Etsy giveaway!
The original price was $20.00 not including shipping, so think quick and enter!
(Unless you want to go buy it: follow this link)

To enter just follow Hannah Handmade and leave a comment below WITH your email or blog address so if you win I can contact you!

Some extra ways to enter:
1. Blog about the giveaway (leave two extra comments with a link so I can go check it out)
2. Like Hannah Handmade on Facebook (leave an extra comment)

This apron is made with a hand dyed dishcloth and vintage hand dyed ribbon. This apron has many unique ruffles and is perfect for a photo shoot and for dress up! 
Super cute hu? OK! Over all you can enter 4 different possible ways! 

This giveaway will end next Wednesday (my last day of school).
You MUST be a follower to enter!!!! 

If by any chance another blog sent you, leave their name and I'll go check them out. Also something else is that if you follow me, I'll follow you! :] 
Can we reach 100 followers? Keep updated, I may do another giveaway here soon!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Hex Nut Bracelet and Ruffles

Yesterday we hosted a graduation party at our house. Early that morning we headed to Hobby Lobby and I got some stuff....

I bought some teal leather rope and streamers!

With the leather I made this bracelet ( braid hex nuts together basically).

Olivia helped me sew some streamers together. If you want clear instructions and better photos, head on over to MADE.

They came out well! 

Have a wonderful weekend... :]

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Tutorials and little things

So here are some tutorials or inspiring photos to make your day :) They made mine!

{via here}

The bow tutorial {via here}

This awesome lamp tutorial {via here}

The best 100 tutorials of 2008 :) {via here}

How to make paper roses {via here}

10 Beautiful ways to crochet a flower {via here}

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Another little movie!

Wana see something awesome? I think you'll love the movie I made with my friend Kathleen from school :D

Check it out and let me know what you think!

HERE's the link:

Have a wonderful weekend! Gotta go get ready for a school concert...

Sunday, May 1, 2011


They are. TRUST me.

This was my second batch; they didn't turn out at all!

They were purrty though!

This was my first batch, they came out VERY well. I made rose flavored buttercream that I used in the middle. 

This is the book I am using...

Foolproof recipes-HA! Ya right. These little suckers are HARD!

Well, just letting you know what's up!
-Have an awesome rest of the Sunday!